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Nutrition is a vital component to healing during the postpartum period. Without proper nutrition the body takes longer to heal physically and can create challenges emotionally. Well-meaning family and friends may bring dishes such as lasagna, pizza, chili, and soup, but sometimes those are high in fat and low in nutrients. Couple that with dietary restrictions or preferences and that makes accepting meals sometimes difficult- but we have a solution!

Pregnancy food preparation

We work one-on-one using our in-depth meal planning guide to create a custom plan that fits your health and wellness goals. These tailored menus are prepared by your Boise Birth Services doula focusing on your preferences, aversions and dietary restrictions. Once your menu is approved, your doula will create a shopping list that can be picked up ahead of time, and will schedule the day for your meal prep. Meal prep can be done before baby comes in the form of freezer meals or just to get great nutrition ahead of the big day. More often than not, our doulas are working to meal prep during our postpartum shifts in conjunction with caring for you and your newborn.

From shopping for meals to cooking them; from doing the dishes to packaging a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner, we’ve got you covered.

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