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Your postpartum recovery can feel at the bottom of the to-do list when planning for your new baby. Often nutrition is not something that your thinking about when rummaging through the pantry at 2 a.m.

At Boise Birth Services we know how vital nutrition is during the postpartum period. Without proper nutrition the body takes longer to heal physically and you may be facing challenges emotionally. Well-meaning family and friends may bring dishes such as lasagna, pizza, chili, and soup, but often times those are not the food items that you may want or need.

Postpartum is your time to receive and it is essential to have the foods you crave and value as you nourish this new human and care for yourself.

Working one-on-one using our in-depth meal planning guide. We create a custom plan that fits your health and wellness goals.

"Soraya and Thea were so helpful and friendly when they came to help us. It started with preparing meals for the birth of our son. It’s been wonderful to have a freezer full of delicious meals made especially to our preferences!"

These tailored menus are individually prepared focusing on your preferences, aversions and dietary restrictions. Once your menu is approved, we create a shopping list that can be picked up ahead of time.

Hand crafted recipes and meals can be prepared before your baby arrives in the form of freezer meals or during your postpartum recovery. We generally prepare (2) weeks of freezer meals or (4) days of ready to eat meals that you can grab right out of the refrigerator.

We want to support you during this time which is why we complete all cooking and preparation in your home. This allows you the safety and transparency of knowing how your food was handled, stored and prepared. It also guarantees a spotless kitchen, and a wealth of resources and support surrounding newborn care, parenting and postpartum.

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