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Summer Pregnancy Mocktails

Things are heating up as we make our way into the summer season, social gatherings, BBQ’s, weddings, and brunch with friends. You can only drink so much water and pregnancy puts hydration at the top of list.

So join in on the fun (safely)! Sweeten things up a bit and have a mocktail -- a combination consisting of fruit juices and other deliciousness without the alcohol. While your partner enjoys their locally brewed IPA you can sip your Moscow Mule and enjoy a popular summer drink at any event.

This list of easy to make mocktails will leave you craving more:

Blackberry Lemon Mocktail
Sweeten up your favorite lemonade with classic club soda and fresh blackberries. For this recipe you will need:

¾ cup lemonade
¼ cup classic club soda
¼ cup fresh blackberries.

Pour lemonade and club soda mixture over a full glass of ice & garnish with blackberries.

Grapefruit and Rosemary Mocktail
Grapefruit has a bold, slightly sour flavor making it a citrus base for this delicious drink. When combined with rosemary-infused simple syrup and a splash of sparkling water you have a refreshing mocktail everyone will enjoy.

¾ cup Grapefruit juice
½ cup sparkling water
2 tbsp Rosemary infused simple syrup

Mix all liquids together & pour over ice garnish with a fresh rosemary sprig.

Moscow Mule Mocktail
This popular drink keeps its traditional ginger base without the beer or vodka using ginger ale, club soda, limes and fresh mint leaves.

¾ cup ginger ale
½ cup club soda
½ a lime squeezed
3 mint leaves

Mix all liquids together & pour over ice - garnish with a lime wedge and fresh mint leaves.

Mocktails are easy to make and create. Keep your favorite ingredients on hand and get creative! Who knows? Maybe your mixology skills will create an amazing new drink!

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