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The benefits your placenta provides can be maximized well after your pills are finished. A tincture is a great way to prolong the life of your placenta by allowing the placenta to preserved in an alcohol which extracts the healing properties from the placenta. Clients report success in using their tincture to help boost milk supply during growth spurts, to alleviate painful menstrual symptoms, and for an overall mood or energy boost when needed.




Why choose encapsulation with Boise Birth Services?

Placenta capsulesWhen you choose Boise Birth Services you’re not just receiving pills, you’re investing in an experience. Our encapsulators are trained postpartum doulas and love to create a space where you and your family can relax and bond. This can look like a few light household chores, a clean and sanitized kitchen space, help with common newborn questions, and a chance to debrief about your birth experience. All of our encapsulators are active in the community and are rich with resources for our clients.

Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are also here for you after we complete your service. We check in on you frequently in those first few weeks to make sure you are comfortable with your consumption, provide a listening ear for you to process the feelings you may experience as you adjust to new routines, and be available for resources and troubleshooting. A fully supported experience is our business.

So how does this all work exactly?

placenta capsulesYou will transport your placenta personally to your home from your place of birth. This provides the transparency of knowing what conditions your placenta was transported in at all times. Upon the signing of the contract you will be given a soft sided cooler bag shortly after, in which to store your placenta for transport. You will be given the World Health Organizations (WHO) Guidelines for Safe Organ Transport to refer to.

We provide services in the comfort of your own home so you can see how your placenta is processed from start to finish. This allows you to be as involved in the process as you’d like, and benefit from our postpartum support as well. We bring everything we need to do the encapsulation - all we need from you is uninterrupted use of your stove, sink, and a small amount of countertop workspace while we are there. Easy, right?

What else should I know?

Placenta capsule bagBoise Birth Services utilizes organic, or non-GMO products in the actual preparation of anything consumed. We use "00" Vegetarian capsules that are halal, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. When steaming the placenta we use organic lemon and ginger. For tinctures, we use organic rye vodka. Gluten-free tincture options are available upon request. Our method of processing follows the TCM technique of encapsulation closely. To learn more about the our preparation and the TCM method of encapsulation, click on over.


Things Our Clients Say...

"I loved how clean and sanitary the process was of encapsulating my placenta and have felt great taking them. She even offered to do my dishes and help with the baby while she encapsulated it all. I would recommend Boise Birth Services a million times over!" ~ Samantha, Eagle
"I really love that she came to me to encapsulate… she was quick and efficient, patient and did a great job. I also lost a lot of blood after delivery and I think the placenta encapsulation helped me bounce back faster than I would have otherwise. It was a positive experience working with Boise Birth Services and I'm glad I did it!" ~ Katie, Boise
"I was very impressed with the whole process and the end product! Placenta pills and a spotless kitchen. Would recommend to everyone considering placenta encapsulation!" ~ Sarah, Boise

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