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Families today want childbirth education to fit their busy schedules and unique needs. Boise Birth Services offers a series of hands-on classes that take you through the labor and birth process so when your big day arrives you’re confident and capable. We provide practical tools to have a satisfying experience, cover options you may encounter during pregnancy, decisions you might make during labor, and plans for life beyond birth.

Our instructors have a combined 23 years of parenting experience to share with you. They genuinely care about your experience, safety, and comfort. Learn the most up-to-date, evidenced-based information framed in a nonjudgmental setting so you can confidently choose what’s right for you and your family.

The “How, When, & Why” Childbirth Education Series

Our specialty is private in-home education so you don’t have to worry about working around anyone else’s schedule except your own. We bring everything you need to know to have the most satisfying and positive birth possible. We focus on what’s happening in the body during this process, how the body works, when to expect certain processes, and the why behind them. We create a safe place to ask questions, practice comfort measures, and really enjoy learning in a fun and interactive way. We instill confidence by teaching you comfort measures and equipping you with the tools to thrive in any situation that comes your way. You decide how little or how much information you want. Choose from one of our options below, use our scheduling app to book it, and voila! It’s as simple as that.

Have some friends who are expecting at the same time? Throw a childbirth ed party! Laugh and learn with your favorite people!

*An in-depth phone consult is included for each class so that the curriculum may be custom-tailored to your individual situation. Included in the class is a one (1) booklet per family.

If you can imagine, birth is a straightforward, yet complex process, no matter with whom or where you birth. The “How, When & Why” curriculum is designed to walk you through all the different aspects of birth using those questions to answer

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