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There’s no denying the evidence that continuous support improves birth outcomes. That support comes in many forms; a partner, family or even close friends. Continuous support helps people feel safe and when people feel safe their labors are faster, less painful, and more satisfying. However, the initial rush of excitement can slowly wane as labor progresses leaving your support drained.

What if you could have it all?

An empowering birth experience that’s all your own, constant companionship, a rested partner and evidence based information at your fingertips?

You can! Hire a doula. Not just any doula—a Boise Birth Services doula.

You may be asking yourself, what can I expect with a Boise Birth Services doula?

Your birth—your way! Your doula team meets with you prior to birth to understand your birth vision and wishes, discuss interventions, explore options, and give you tools to navigate early labor.

As labor begins, your on call doula will provide phone and text support for any questions as you progress. Unsure how to time your contractions or wondering if it’s go time, give us a call. Preparing you for early labor is our focus so our presence never hinders, it only helps.

"Something we wait for with impatient attention seems to take forever; a watched pot never boils."

When we join you in active labor, we take a backseat initially, attuning to the flow of your birth; we know when to step in and when to step back, supporting your partner so they can support you. We are here to physically support you with a strong hip squeeze, massage, or position change. We emotionally support you with affirmations, encouragement and understanding of your needs. We create an ambient environment whether that’s running a bath, grabbing a cold washcloth, or dimming the lights. Our focus is your comfort.


Transitioning into your new routine can come with its own set of challenges, and supporting you beyond birth is important. Because we value continuity of care, every birth doula package includes a four hour postpartum shift (want to know more, check out our postpartum services).


Things Our Clients Say...

"Our doula was a calming presence and great support for me and my husband. I appreciated her non-biased help leading up to and during the birth. She listened to and respected our birth plan entirely and was very receptive during our labor." ~ Elizabeth, Boise
"This was my first birth and couldn't imagine going through it without the support from the ladies at Boise Birth Services. HIGHLY recommend and hope that many more choose to experience the blessing of a doula." ~ Dani, Sun Valley
"The moment she walked in the room with her calming demeanor I felt a sense of peace and ease. She is so in tune with a pregnant woman's needs, it's like she could read my mind and provided exactly what I needed...from the lovely hips squeezes to a nice cold rag for your fore head, she was on it! Not having to think about the small things during labor makes all the difference in the world!" ~ Karlie, Weiser

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