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Five tips to loving your new life after baby

So you had a baby... and now you are wondering when you can get back to the old you? Drinks with your closest pals, hot yoga class, shopping for fresh flavorful foods at the Saturday Market, biking the Boise Greenbelt… Nine months was long enough to go without, and you are ready to be a free human again, except… you are tired, your body is so sore and this motherhood thing is hard right?

You are not alone, we hear you. Having a baby is like cashing in a one way ticket to parenthood paradise. Once you check in, you don’t ever leave. There’s this old saying “You are stronger than you know” and our hope is that you see this, and it shines like the light in the way that the world sees you. Here are 5 tips to loving your new life after baby:

  1. Set realistic goals - With your closest relationships, social life & day to day achievements. Leaving baby anywhere for the first few months causes many new parents to feel anxious and unable to enjoy themselves. Investing in a comfortable wrap/baby carrier can allow you the freedom to bring baby with you. This gets you out of the house, in social settings and even to the grocery store confidently.
  2. Self Care - In the throes of postpartum it can feel impossible to do anything aside from feed and snuggle your new baby, you may feel on autopilot caring for everyone beside you. However putting your name at the bottom of the who’s important list does far more harm than good. When you hear self care you think of a hot shower right? Think bigger! Pedicure, Bubble bath with a small glass of wine & strawberries, background music to drown out the sound of the inevitable phantom baby cry. Dinner alone at your favorite local restaurant, a massage, or a really peaceful nap. Your mental and emotional health are invaluable you deserve a few moments each week, and more if you can manage it.
  3. Get Active, But Forget the Gym- Fitting back into your favorite jeans sounds nice? We agree! But the thing about postpartum weight loss is it's far more difficult to lose pounds post baby vs pre baby. Your body is holding onto everything due to hormone shifts, lack of sleep, and low energy. Choosing to get active by walking, yoga, gardening, biking, or hiking to table rock, can refill your cup. You are nurturing your body with fresh air, beautiful views and movement. Focusing on how you feel rather than how you look will leave you in a healthy state of mind, and this translates into other areas of your life
  4. Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition - When we nourish our bodies, we nourish our minds! We are talking whole foods, and lots of them. Our bodies require a great deal of love, nurturing and care post baby to heal. Think of the foods you love and enjoy, write a menu, make a list, head to your favorite supermarket or farmer’s market to gather supplies, recruit your partner or close friends for a sunday of meal prepping. Fresh cut fruits and veggies that are quick and available to grab, and meals that you can toss in the over. Sounds like more work than you’d like? There are many great meal delivery services such a Blue Apron and Hellofresh, that make cooking during postpartum easier than ever.
  5. Clear Your Space and Your Mind - So you morphed your cute two bedroom north end home into the department floor of Babies R Us but with a sink full of dishes and pile of spit up rags on the floor. Sleep is more important than cleaning right? Right! We agree sleep is more important than anything, but a clean space helps you to focus and be your best self. Our advice, declutter, clear your space. Are there some things you may not need for the next few months? Pack them up and put them away. Donate anything you have not touched for the past year, and organize the items you want to keep. Sounds complicated? Bring in help. A Postpartum Doula can help you to implement new systems, organize your space, and clean up around the house. Leaving you with more time to focus on being your best self and loving your new life.

When you invest in yourself, your health and your lifestyle you will find that the goals you have naturally fall into place. Leaving you with the ability to discover the new you and build your new life better than before.

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