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Belly Binding

Potential Benefits of Belly Binding:

Interested to find out more about how belly binding can help you heal after birth, follow me.





Postpartum Belly Binding

During pregnancy the body goes through many physical changes that usually result in a firm and full-feeling belly, but postpartum can bring some opposing sensations that leave you wondering if you’ll ever get your body back. Imagine wrapping your newly postpartum body in a warm embrace, perfectly supporting your lower back, hips, and newly postpartum belly. You can with Boise Birth Services Belly Binding.

What is it?

Your trained Belly Binder uses a traditional method of wrapping your abdomen, hips, and lower ribcage with a 100% cotton muslin wrap that’s breathable yet supportive. You won’t overheat or feel constricted with our wraps and the best part is they fit any size body.

Is this a fad?

No, many cultures, especially those in Japan, Mexico, India, and Malaysia, have been using belly binding as an ancient tradition surrounding childbirth and the postpartum time.

What is included?

A mini-postpartum session to answer any questions about postpartum, providing referrals, etc.

How long can you wear the wrap?

At first binding, we recommend wearing the wrap for 12-24 hours. Then it should be worn 6-12 hours a day for 1-2 weeks after the first binding and as often and as long as desired thereafter. If you are wishing to close diastasis recti, please consult your physical therapist or program for guidelines.

What if you have a cesarean birth?

We can still bind your belly but we prefer to wait until your 2-week postpartum visit for your doctor’s approval before doing so.

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"Belly binding rocks! It is a major plus... feels so good to wear and what a way to get back to feeling normal."
~ Dani, Sun Valley

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